How to Secure Your Computer Using Free Tools and Smart Strategies eBook

(1) Describes the eBook containing a step-by-step Internet Security Guide for ordinary people to protect Windows computer from menaces like Spyware, Hackers, Viruses, and Identity Thieves using FREE tools. Written to make it easy for anyone to understand, especially non-technical people. Advises to arm your computer against Hackers, Malware, Spyware, Adware, Viruses, Online identity theft. Highlights of the eBook: "How to lock-down your computer", "How to achieve stealth mode", "How to protect privacy and security over Email and Instant Messaging", "How to get maximum privacy using data encryption", "Why Anti-Virus program may be useless, and how to fix this" The eBook is offered for $20.95 with 30 days moneyback guarantee. [b]They also accept checks ![/b]

Included Bonuses: - Online Identity Theft: Self-Defense 101 -- examines techniques like social engineering and Phishing - Email Security & Smart Strategies -- simple strategies to increase security and privacy using email. - Smart Strategies for Reducing Spam

(2) Offers a Free Mini Course, delivered by email: Smart Strategies for Reducing Spam -- content: - Methods Spammers Use to Obtain Email Addresses (to raise awareness and help to be more careful in how to use an email address) - How to Avoid Receiving More Spam (use a separate and temporary email accounts) - How to Deal with the Spam You're Receiving Now

I recommend that you visit the Web site to read more and [b]get the Free Mini Course[/b]

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How to Secure Your Computer Using Free Tools and Smart Strategies eBook

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