In a thread in the forum of SiteLibrary about banners Norbert mused: (quotes edited for readability from )

"I wonder whether I should test 'bridge pages':
These are pages on SL where the banner links to.

- On this page the SL member can set the stage why
  he/she/they thinks it's good to have that banner.
+ It contains a link to the member's profile.
- It should contain title / description of the site.
- It should contain a link into our Web directory
  where the site is or may be listed.
- It may contain some sort of feedback device
  (Bookmark Parking Rating / Review / Mail etc.)
- It may contain links to similar sites or pages ("See also:")
- It may contain a screenshot of the site.
- It may iframe the homepage - if possible.
+ It has to contain a link 'Open site in new Window'.

[...] If I see these banners not as ads, but as 
something [recommended] by us I see two examples 
of what I have in mind with my bridge pages 
(well, Ill try to improve on these examples, 
of course): 
   [url=] JoeAnt [/url]
    [url=] Alexa [/url] [...]


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